A custom app or an off the shelf product?

Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019

Tags: custom apps  learning systems  

When it comes to learning systems there are a number of products already on the market that can help provide learning solutions, or the ability to better manage learning content. There are many reasons that a product, a learning management system that’s already built and simply needs branding, would be perfect for your business. However, a custom product, one which is built to your business’s specific needs and requirements, can be a far better solution in some cases.

With a custom app, a business can pick and choose from the list of features until they have a learning solution that meets their needs. From here the product will then be branded with logos and colours according to brand guidelines, becoming something totally unique to that business to fit the exact business processes needed.v

While a standard product built is perfect for some businesses, it doesn’t allow for any features outside of the pre-programmed options available from the list. This isn’t a problem in some cases, but it doesn’t allow much flexibility if you have some custom business processes within your organisation.

Custom products also allow a business to work closer with the developer. Developers simply want to create the best product they can for their clients, meaning they’ll work hard to produce exactly what’s required. Developers can also offer design services, working with a business to create something totally unique to them, which a standard product isn’t.

With PROPEL, we’ve created our own product that’s different from both standard products and custom apps. With PROPEL clients can choose from a list of features that they’d like to use and sign up for as many or as few users as they require. The product is still branded for each client, and the learning content for each client is entirely different. PROPEL fits around your custom business processes, but it has the stability of a product. PROPEL is the best of both worlds.