Competency Coach

Competency Coach grows your organisation by delivering personalised learning to increase performance on the key competencies needed within users’ roles.

Our cloud based system uses AI and advanced machine learning to build an individualised training plan for each learner. Competency Coach then proactively guides both the learner and their manager in the implementation of the learning plan and towards a path to success.

Competency Coach

Competency Coach is a web based tool with accompanying phone and tablet apps to ensure that the learning can be delivered at the point of need. The system has customised interfaces for learners, managers, L&D teams and strategic leadership so that a cycle can be initiated from the setting of strategic policy to the analysis of learners’ data needed to inform future strategic needs.

Quick to implement, easy to use and securely hosted. For the intersection of the best people and the best technology, use Competency Coach from Signature.

Competency Coach

How does the system work?

Competency Coach

Once the consensus has been agreed Competency Coach will use analytics and data to proactively engage both the learner and the manager to encourage a culture of learning. Competency Coach identifies the most appropriate resources, and delivers a personalised learning plan to the user quickly and easily, ensuring a shortened time to readiness. Competency Coach always keeps the manager up-to-date, notifying them of the learner’s progress.

Competency Coach also learns what resources are the most effective. Tracking the progress of users through their development plans the system will discover the best resources in each situation and then automatically use this knowledge to develop other similar users, informing senior management of the most helpful resources and identifying extra resources that would be beneficial.


The journey starts with Competency Coach inviting both the learner and their manager to independently provide a rating across an agreed set of strategic role based competencies.


The learner and manager ratings prompt an informed discussion to agree a consensus for the learner across their key competencies.


Competency Coach uses advanced AI and machine learning to identify the optimal learning and activity. Competency Coach then proactively leads the learner through a training plan to increase their competencies and perform at a higher level in their role.


Competency Coach uses a data driven approach to bridge the gap between strategic leadership and implementation, to deliver company-wide performance improvements.