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We are a modern, agile, friendly, full-service learning and development company. Based in the US and UK, our in-house strategy, content, design and digital team has years of experience working with life science and healthcare companies to understand complex business needs and design exciting, innovative solutions that change behaviors and drive commercial excellence.

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Introducing Competency Coach

Competency Coach grows your organisation by delivering personalised learning to increase performance on the key competencies needed within users' roles.

Our cloud based system uses AI and advanced machine learning to build an individualised training plan for each learner. Competency Coach then proactively guides both the learner and their manager in the implementation of the learning plan and towards a path to success.

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Our Solutions

We can supply the right training solution, at the right time, to progressively build knowledge and skill sets which will drive commercial readiness and execution.

Instructor-led training

  • Application-based workshops
  • Meeting-in-a-box
  • Product launches
  • Selling simulations
  • Product certifications
  • Immersion clinics
  • POAs
  • National sales meetings

Virtual instructor-led training

  • Virtual meetings
  • Virtual simulations
  • Web conferences
  • Slide presentations

Self-directed digital learning

  • Modules (SCORM, iPad, Web-based)
  • iPad training apps
  • Virtual preceptorships
  • Mobile learning apps
  • Spaced learning systems
  • Assessment platforms
  • Gamification
  • Audio/Video podcasts

Print training

  • Modules
  • Reinforcement/Job aids
  • Field coaching guides
  • Field communications
  • Monographs
  • Message maps

Leadership Team

Photo of Chris Booth

Chris Booth

Chris oversees the commercial side of Signature.

He has over 20 years' experience covering digital, sales, elearning, learning management systems and mobile technology in the pharmaceutical and wider business sectors.

Chris liaises with both new and existing clients as their key executive touchpoint.

Photo of Tim Couper

Tim Couper

Tim leads the technical side of Signature.

He has over 15 years' experience in delivering enterprise and carrier grade solutions into the telecoms and IT service provider sectors.

Tim is passionate about driving real value and change into the world of learning and development, through the latest technologies and industry-wide best practices.

Photo of John Worobey

John Worobey

John leads the client business development and learning strategy aspects of Signature.

He brings over 20 years' leadership experience in training and sales from both the client and agency side of the business.

John ensures that our clients' strategic visions are translated into appropriate training tactics that can be executed with precision and exceed expectations.

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UK Office 2 Spa Lane
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Our Customers

We work with a wide range of clients, from multinationals to startups. Our customers include: